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NEW: Moji štruklji eatery

Ljubljana, 1. 3. 2017 – No traditional Slovenian food list is complete without štruklji – rolled pastry with various fillings, wrapped, cooked and sliced. It is thus no wonder that a new štruklji-only eatery (štrukljarnica) Moji štruklji (My štruklji) is opening today at the main farmers market. And the couple behind this cool new place […]

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What are the most romantic foods for some Ljubljana chefs?

Ljubljana, 13. 2. 2017 – Although the weather in Ljubljana is not exactly warm these days, your hearts can be: Valentine’s day is just around the corner. And so is gregorjevo on March 12th – you might translate it as George’s day (named after the day of St. George) or “the day of birds’ marriage”, and […]

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Happy birthday!

Ljubljananjam turns 1! A year ago, July 11th 2013, I had no idea where Ljubljananjam is going to sail. Sure, I had hopes, plans and ideas – but by no means have I thought it will surpass all expectations I have ever had. To this day, Ljubljananjam gained 1518 Facebook, 607 Twitter and Instagram followers, 12 excellent Trip Advisor reviews – and […]

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