Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer. Then we talk and discuss. That’s just what we love to do at our foodwalks. Have you not found an answer to your question? No problem, email us what bothers you and we’ll get back to you asap.

How does a LjubljaNjam foodwalk look like?

Depending on which food tour and time slot you choose, we will meet at a certain point in downtown – we will email you detailed information where. We then walk from one gastronomic establishment to the other in the span of up to 4 hours, sampling local gastronomic delights as well as stories of the places we visit, Ljubljana’s history, culture and daily life. Think of it as a 5-course meal but in several restaurants instead of just one, and in between the courses you discover the city on foot as well as everything you need and wish to know about our city and country.

What’s included in the price I pay for the foodwalk?

Short answer: all the food & drinks listed, certificate and our online support for everything you need throughout your stay in Ljubljana / Slovenia. Long answer: countless hours we put into researching the best cuisine for you, coordination with all our venues so that everything runs smoothly, fair relationship with our partners (we never receive commission from anyone for bringing our guests, and the price we pay them is established on a basis that suits everyone), payment for our guides and staff, website and booking system, our tiny shared office. With your contribution, you enable to sustain and thrive our small business as well as others we work with and we are forever grateful for that so thank you for believing in us.

Where is the meeting place for the start of my foodwalk?

We select the meeting spot according to your preferred time, weather and type of the foodwalk. They are all in the immediate city centre and we will send you detailed information where it is: name of the place, address and Google maps location. Sometimes we need to switch the pre-decided spot and we will always promptly inform you about the change. It is also handy you give us details about your accommodation when booking your foodwalk so we can tell you exactly how to get to our spot from your location. Should you have any troubles finding the place, please email or call / Whatsapp us: +386 40 841 026 (Meta), and we will be happy to describe the spot to the last detail.

Who are LjubljanaNjam foodwalks for? Is it suitable for children?

We welcome anybody that wishes to discover the yummy side of Ljubljana: couples, friends, single travellers, families etc, locals and visitors alike. As for children, you know best: if they fancy the idea of a food tour and are curious to taste as much as possible, then yes of course, they are more than welcome. If you feel they’d be rather bored and grumpy, then perhaps it’s best you choose another activity – we can always recommend what to do instead. But we’ve had lovely small guests from 1 month old (!) on so for us, what matters is they are excited and wish to have an enjoyable time through our cuisine. Just so you know: the price for children and youth is lower than for adults but we still charge for them because, even though they might eat and drink less, they still use the services of us in the office and our guides on the tour.

What types of foods and drinks do we try at LjubljanaNjam food tours?

This depends on the season and time in the day but we frequently include all kinds of soups, cheese, salami, main dishes (meat, fish, vegetarian), desserts, craftbeer, wine and coffee. We also include seasonal delights like dandelion salad, anything with (wild) asparagus, pumpkin & chestnut mix in the fall, donuts in the time of our carnival (February / March), potica dessert for Christmas and Easter etc.

What if I don’t like something we taste at a LjubljanaNjam food tour?

Your satisfaction with our food tours is our main aim so we wish you enjoy every bit of the experience. It is therefore better you let us know before or absolutely during your walk if we are trying something that you dislike and we will try to accommodate as much as possible. We can usually change the dish on site and quite impossibly after we’ve done the walk. So, please, if there’s something fishy, speak up and we’ll make our best to serve you something yummier!

What if I have some allergies or dietary restrictions? Can I still attend LjubljanaNjam food tour?

Yes, absolutely – to a certain extent. Vegetarian, pescatarian, lactose intolerant – LjubljanaYum caters for all tastes. If we try a dish you’re not supposed to eat due to your preferences or health reasons, we’ll make sure you have something different. As long as you are ok if others are eating what they chose (eg. you are vegetarian but others are not), then we can all enjoy discovering the yummy side of Ljubljana together. Should you however prefer to have a separate culinary experience, we invite to book a private foodwalk with us. Please note for GLUTEN-FREE guests: while we certainly can provide foods prepared with ingredients which are not a source of gluten, no partner restaurant can guarantee 100% gluten free because they are not JUST gluten free restaurants and it’s possible there are traces of gluten. If that’s ok with you, great! If not, please let us know and we’ll point you to the 100% gluten free bistro. Similar note applies to VEGAN guests: while we will happily arrange vegan foods for you, they might not always be very Slovene because we do love our eggs, dairy and meat. If that’s ok with you, great! If not, please let us know and we’ll point you to any of the many vegan bistros.

I don’t drink alcohol. Do I get a discount?

No, sorry. If you wish to substitute wine or beer with soft drinks, we unfortunately cannot give you a discount because the non-alcoholic beverages we serve have the same or sometimes even higher price – we value quality over quantity.

What language is the food tour in?

Our default language is either English or Slovene. However, we can happily do a tour also in German, Spanish or French, these are all the languages our guides also speak. This way, though, the tour is considered private (if there is less than six of you) so different rates apply. Send us an email about your preferences and we’ll make it happen.

I am running late for my tour. What should I do?

We understand navigating in a new city can be challenging, that’s why we send you detailed instructions where we explain name, address and Google maps location. If you let us know your accommodation, we also describe the way to our meeting spot from there. Should you be running late despite, please call or Whatsapp (not email) us : +386 41 878 959 (Iva), and we’ll be happy to direct you to your designated spot. We will wait for 10 minutes maximum, then we have to depart to respect other guests’ and our partner restaurants’ schedule. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you can still call us and we’ll direct you to our first restaurant where you can join our guide and the rest of the group.

It’s raining / snowing / not sunny on the day of my food tour. Do you still run it?

Yes. Our food tours are on regardless of the weather, except of course in severe circumstances like floods, earthquakes etc. Ljubljana does have 4 seasons and we do have snow in the winter, rain in spring and fall, and hot summers, but we believe people always appreciate good food despite the weather. We do however reroute and adapt our food tours to certain conditions like heavy rain or heat waves so you walk less than usual or we use alternative routes to keep you warm / dry / cool.

I need to cancel my food tour. Do I get a refund?

If you need to cancel or reschedule a foodwalk you’ve already booked and paid, you need to inform us via our booking system or email as soon as possible. We’d be very sad to see you go but we understand sometimes life gets in the way. So, to keep everyone happy, for a full refund of fees, cancellation must be made 7 full days prior to scheduled foodwalk. If you cancel 6-4 days in advance, we will refund you 70%. If you cancel 3 or 2 days in advance, we will refund you 50%. Should you cancel 48 hours before the scheduled event, we unfortunately cannot refund as we work with small groups and we have booked a spot for you. By cancellation we also mean if less people than you paid for show up for the foodwalk. We hope this works for you!

I wish to do a LjubljanaNjam foodwalk out of pre-defined hours. Can I do so?

Yes, we can certainly customize a tour starting time to suit your schedule but we will consider this as a private event. Since some establishments are only available during certain times, arranging tours outside of our normally scheduled times takes a bit more cooperation and work, and hence a bigger budget, but no worries, we will always create a fulfilling experience with equally engaging and tasty foodwalk. Send us an inquiry and we’ll make it work.

Can I have a self-guided food walk?

Absolutely. Send us your inquiry and we will create a tailor-made self-exploration of Ljubljana with pre-booked foodie stops.