Idrija food walkFoodies, we’re so happy you found us!

LjubljanaNjam (or LjubljanaYum) team – Iva, Nina, Pia and our wonderful guides – is a bunch of devoted foodies who since 2013 are eagerly waiting to organise you a personalised, friendly and informative food and drink guided walk in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.

We offer you a glimpse into local Ljubljana food and drink scene, be it with our food walks, talking to us over email or just exploring our website. It is our ultimate foodie gift: we wish to create more than just a food tour for you, so we want everyone who joins us to be an authentic part of our local life, to eat and drink like a local, with a local. We strive to create the best experience for you in Ljubljana and Slovenia that goes beyond just cuisine, therefore we can’t wait to work with you on how to satisfy all you senses, not just tastebuds.

Whether it is a corporate party, team building activities, classical tour program, conference or any other MICE event, with our foodwalks we cater for all group sizes, dietary preferences and budget options. All our products include a customised, informal (because life is too short not to have fun) yet professional guided tour around Ljubljana downtown with abundance of foodie stops by your choice. We offer a variety of times available and are flexible to your itinerary in any way – we can always combine our pre-designed foodie tours to match your taste. 

Whatever we do under LjubljanaNjam, the aim is the same: good people, good food, good mood. Welcome to meet our team and partners, send us an email, and foremost: enjoy the yummy side of the Alps!

Meet the team

Iva – founder & manager (customer & partner communication, finances, marketing + baby care beginner)

Hi, I’m Iva, so happy to meet you. I am the founder of LjubljanaYum food tours and a new mom. I started with this wonderful business after 10 years of photojournalistic career out of sheer love and passion for our cuisine, meeting other foodies and organising yummy get-togethers. Because of my extensive globe-trotting and living abroad (namely in Canada), I speak the lingo of kimchi, chai latte, char kuey teow, genmaicha, horchatta – and of course potica and bela kava. I would rather skip a museum than munching on fish ball soup, seated on a mini plastic chair on the first day of New Year in Hanoi, Vietnam (true story). Personally I am the recipe central for my friends and family, and always on a mission to hunt down what’s new in Ljubljana dining scene. I started a food blog way before it was trendy (and failed how to monetize it – darn!), and I curated Slovenian food bloggers’s scene, to boot. I’m very excited to share the yummy side of the Alps with you!

Nina – Chief Foodie Officer (inquiries, social media manager, guests & partners communication)

Hi, I’m Nina! I’m a big foodie, event planning enthusiast and organizing lover – or frankly, I’m rather obsessed with it (I only argue with my husband about being too organised). Having lived in Italy for three years where I studied Languages, literatures and intercultural studies I know how to enjoy food to the last bite (and I could list tasty cake spotting in my CV). I’m really happy that as a member of LjubljanaNjam team I can combine all my passions and organize you the ultimate experience that goes beyond nourishing your body – due to mu huge interest in aesthetics I can also advise you on where to get the best instagrammable dishes. It’s my wish that our food tours and Ljubljana’s culinary artists inspire you to try new dishes and expand your palate while supporting local businesses, as well as bring people together to have fun and create unforgettable memories. Let’s do this!

Pia – Chief Foodie Officer (inquiries, social media manager, guests & partners communication)

Hello all! My name is Pia and I am a twenty-something year old girl born and raised in Ljubljana. When I am not thinking about my life purpose or quitting drinking coffee, I am baking vegan orientated goods usually with nothing else than some leftovers from my pantry (I swear they taste amazing). I like to eat different vegetables, especially if they form a rainbow together. I also like to explore healthy restaurants when traveling and trying different plant-based pastries (though that failed miserably when I studied in Lisbon for a year – can’t say no to pastels de nata!), usually accompanied with a good oat milk latte. If you need a good clean eat advice in Ljubljana, I am your girl. By the way, as I am a social butterfly and cherish good craftbeer and wine, you can also ask me where to party here, I will be happy to help – don’t be shy.

Our local foodie guides


Hey, I’m Alenka, and I like sharing my love of all the yummy things you can find in Ljubljana, my hometown, but my love for gastronomy was born when studying heritage and gastronomy at the Slovenian coast. In our small kitchen where local Istrian ingredients would be combined with north-eastern Slovenian traditional recipes from my friend’s grandmas, my practical cooking experiences started. Gastronomy fieldwork took me from books to wine cellars, ham makers, salt pans, food festivals around Slovenia and Portugal for a bit. A few years after I started working as a guide in Ljubljana I joined Ljubljananjam team and it felt like I found a dream job where I can explore gastronomy of my city, meet cool people and enjoy! When I’m not walking or cycling (which enables me to eat more sweets (; ) in the streets of Ljubljana, you can find me exploring the less known corners of Slovenia and hiking, preferably with a mountain hut on the top because there is no better motivation than a view across the Alps and gooood štruklji.


My name is Urška (pron. Ursh-kah). I really like my name because it means I’m half witch and half bear. 🙂 Beside my name I love traveling, taking photos and eat. As you can tell from my photo, food makes me happy. My biggest fear is the end of the world will catch me hungry so I tend to keep my stomach full. You can find me in the center of Ljubljana or around Slovenia showing tourists parts of our history and nature, or somewhere comfortable reading good Spanish book (not telenovela style). I live on a family run dairy farm (within Ljubljana limits!) so my blood is probably half milk half plasma. I tend to be in a happy mood a lot because I always have some food in my bag.


Hi, I’m Inka, one of the Ljubljananjam foodie guides. As you probably guessed I contribute my guiding skills here because I liiike food veeery much. I enjoy seeing my guests being amazed by the food we introduce, and guess what, it’s never boring because our tours are quite tailor made. And we always try to incorporate new entrants on the market to make your experiences as fresh and up to date, yet still linked to our tradition. While I’m not showing you the yummy side of the city, I teach at the Ljubljana hospitality high school, take care of my family (4 kids, to be precise!), or guide other groups around town and country. So, come and enjoy with us!


Hello, my name is Meta (which actually means mint in Slovene!) and I am more than eager to take you along the sweet, spicy, fresh & tasty Ljubljana. 🙂 As a real Primorska (our Mediterranean) gal, even though I have been living and working in Ljubljana for quite some years, I simply cannot resist strong coffee in the morning and a glass of great wine paired with yummy food. My favorites are Saturday mornings when I stroll through Ljubljana central farmers market, picking my vegetables, fish, other ingredients for my culinary endeavors – I do love to prepare our traditional jota, minestrone, ri?et and other tasty elements of Slovenian culinary heritage. In my free time you can find me discovering hidden corners of Slovenia and their foodie offer. As a student I used to live in France for a while, but I have found my dream job upon return – as a Ljubljana tour guide, exciting visitors over our rich history and gastronomy. Come join me! 🙂


Hello, I’m Tjaša, and obviously I love good food. I’m not exactly a housewife or masterchef myself, that’s why I cherish and admire even more those who can cook. But I do know how to make coffee, especially Turkish style one so I’m rather obsessed with the little džezva you make it with and have a bit too many at home. My other passions include all kinds of cheese (form young to super aged), Slovenian olive and pumpkin seed oil, homemade soups and juicy desserts, Mediterranean food, and both Slovenian wine and beer – I have been following our craftbeer revolution since the start and am very happy I do not have to nag anymore that the only “different” beer is dark instead of light lager! I also guide usually small, private groups around Slovenia and document my (not just food related) endeavors at my blog, and you can find me in any of the cool Ljubljana pubs enjoying a pint – come join me!


Hello! My name is Urša, I am a local guide and as you have probably guessed by now, I also happen to like good food 🙂 I strongly believe there is no better way of getting to know a country than through a tasty local meal, a glass of beer or a cup of coffee. And trust me, there are plenty opportunities in Ljubljana! I can’t wait to take you exploring – inch by inch and štrukelj by štrukelj.


We admit we can’t do it all, so we love to work closely with a lot of other small businesses which go beyond gastronomy to ensure you fully savor all Ljubljana and Slovenia have to offer. Find the list of our favorite partners below that make the best combo with our foodwalk. Also, we are more than happy to reach out to other parts of Slovenia and organise events for you there as well. Email us your group size, culinary preferences, itinerary notes, budget and we’ll create a memorable foodie experience fully customized upon your requests.

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