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Ljubljananjam turns 1!

A year ago, July 11th 2013, I had no idea where Ljubljananjam is going to sail. Sure, I had hopes, plans and ideas – but by no means have I thought it will surpass all expectations I have ever had.

To this day, Ljubljananjam gained 1518 Facebook, 607 Twitter and Instagram followers, 12 excellent Trip Advisor reviews – and foremost heaps of pleased foodies who have taken part at either my foodwalks or other culinary events, such as craftbeer festival Pivofestovanje, bake sale Dobropeka, yearly review Njamboljši, Hedonia wine cellar partnership Hedonjam and others. Several media and foreign bloggers have noticed my aims.

To each and every one of you big, big thanks. My desire to showcase the yummy side of the Alps shall continue.


Thanks for reading!

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