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Ljubljana foodies, behold. After many beers drank, cakes eaten and street food festivals visited, we present you a very special Ljubljana foodie e-guide in which you will find everything you need to know about how to drink & dine in Ljubljana (and beyond). It’s mobile friendly so at your hand’s reach all the time! All this as a gift if you join our food tours or just 6 Eur otherwise. (Payment gateway is PayPal, VAT included. This is an online guide, not a hard copy one.)


What’s in it?

  • Selection and description of more than 40 best shops, bakeries, take-aways, restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs and neighborhoods in Ljubljana. Yeah, we dined and drank a lot for you!
  • Explanations of venues by categories (eg. vegan, specialty coffee, brunch … ). Because you deserve to know how to find what you’re looking for.
  • In-depth knowledge of Ljubljana cuisine through interviews with 3 specialists. Like, hop on a local bus and drive to the very end of the line. It might surprise you.
  • Local dining etiquette. So you know we don’t usually order at the bar, or that ice coffee usually comes with … well, read the guide!
  • Common Slovenian gastronomic phrases and words. In case you want to butcher all the č,š,ž and j letters in our language – we always appreciate.
  • Foodie events dates and holidays. You don’t want to miss the next beer / gin / street food festival, right?
  • Useful information on activities in Ljubljana and Slovenia. Which could mean you won’t want to leave without our wine, honey or pumpkin seed oil.

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Why should you get our foodie e-guide? Because, with all your questions over the years of our business in mind, this electronic guide presents you all kinds of (not just gastronomic) must-have information on Ljubljana and Slovenia: where to have the best meal in Ljubljana according to the occasion, what to do on a rainy day, which (craft) beer to order, and other local facts. All this as a gift if you join our food tours or for just 6 Eur otherwise! 

And what do the e-guide users say about it?

“Wow!! What a comprehensive guide to Ljubljana! It covers everything to make a traveller’s visit very special. Can’t wait to use it (and do the food tour).” – SueLynch, Australia

“This guide is fantastic!  I really appreciate the up front information about types of places, types of food, tipping, drinking, etc.  This is very helpful. I also like the staff “top picks.” – Chad, USA

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Please note: we update the e-guide frequently but should you find something that doesn’t work or you feel it should be different, by all means please do let us know! Emails us and we’ll fix it. This e-guide is for you and you should be 120% satisfied with it. Loved it yourself? Tag your experiences with #ljubljanafoodieguide!

Existing Ljubljana foodies

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