Ljubljana, 21. 3. 2017 – Finally we have it: the best restaurant in Slovenia in 2017 according to the expert committee of the project The Slovenia Restaurant awards among 30 finalists is – surprisingly? – Hiša Franko! This was announced today after a few months of voting. Other best regional restaurants selected by general public and ultimate foodies (yours truly included) became Ošterija Debeluh (south), Gostilna Rajh (east), Vila Podvin (north), Strelec (Ljubljana with surroundings) and, obviously, Hiša Franko (west). Congrats to all and can’t wait to visit all these best places to eat in Slovenia!
All the winning restaurants and finalists too will be published on The Slovenia tourist maps and in a book showcasing the best restaurants, which will be released at the end of spring and will present visitors with a wide range of epicurean delights for every occasion and budget. Below, find some photos from today’s event. And remember: you can always discover the yummy side of the Alps with us at my foodwalks.

Ana Roš Hiša Franko best Slovenia restaurant 2017

Ana Roš & Valter Kramar from Hiša Franko were awarded best Slovenia restaurant in 2017.

Best Ljubljana restaurant finalist

Finalists for best restaurants in Ljubljana.

Slovenia restaurant awards committee.

Best restaurant awards committee.

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