Ljubljana, 1. 3. 2017 – No traditional Slovenian food list is complete without štruklji – rolled pastry with various fillings, wrapped, cooked and sliced. It is thus no wonder that a new štruklji-only eatery (štrukljarnica) Moji štruklji (My štruklji) is opening today at the main farmers market. And the couple behind this cool new place to eat in Ljubljana is no other than Monika and Peter Vogelnik who run Kofce mountain hut and prepare there their famous štruklji. Gorenjska culinary tradition is coming to town!
To start with, as Monika – healthcare lecturer at Jesenice high school currently on her third maternity leave – explains, there will be at least ten kinds of štruklji on offer: buckwheat with walnuts (we love that thing), cottage cheese (and that too), Ljubljana kind (because that’s where we are at) and others. The menu will be updated at their website and Facebook page, and if you wish to try their štruklji, remember: send me an inquiry to join my foodwalk or I will organise a trip to the “original” source in Kofce!
Read more about Moji štruklji in my interview with Monika.

Why did you decide to open a place with typical Slovenian food štruklji in Ljubljana?

Because hiking guests at our mountain home on Kofce hill were constantly asking when are we finally going to open another venue in Ljubljana. Many of our guests start from Ljubljana as Kofce is a popular hiking destination for them. For some time then we were interested in having a spot at Ljubljana covered market in Poga?ar square, and then we just happened to be in the right place at the right time and got to hire one of the recently vacated lofts under the Jože Ple?nik’s colonade.

What štruklji will be available?

At least ten of this Slovenian food specialty with four or five seasonal. You can therefore enjoy the traditional Slovenian flavours (cheese, tarragon, buckwheat with walnuts, apple, Ljubljana štrukelj), savory (cottage cheese, chive, carrot, herbal, meat, vegetables), fruity (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, mango with yoghurt), chocolate (milk chocolate, white chocolate with coconut, dark chocolate with orange, chocolate with banana) and some specialty ones (honey, vanilla, dried fruit, fresh cottage cheese with raisins). We’re also developing štruklji with tofu to enrich vegan Ljubljana offer and gluten-free with buckwheat in combination with gluten-free flour (note: These štruklji are prepared with gluten-free ingredients but they are not stored or prepared in a separate facility so traces of gluten do exist. If you are celiac, you might better skip them.). To summarize: you won’t be left without Slovenian classics and we will also offer an upgraded version of our tradition with a modern touch.

So the only real traditional Slovenian dumplings are not only cheese ones?

No. You can easily switch up Slovenian tradition and adapt it to modern taste so the dumplings are not only rolled, cooked and seasoned. There are plenty toppings and seasonings that go beyond the Slovenian tradition when štruklji were usually filled with cottage cheese adding different ingredients: tarragon, chives, carrots. We will therefore not change the basic recipe for this Slovenian national food, we will just upgrade it – only the sky is the limit.

What other Slovenian food delicacies will you offer?

Guests will enjoy also various soups and stews. My mom always says that potato soup and apple štruklji belong together. This is a classic duo and we shall therefore represent it as well.

How is your štrukljarnica embedded in the concept of central Ljubljana marketplace?
Very well. The city plans to turn these lofts under the Ple?nik’s colonade into a culinary avenue anyway so we were chosen as the most suitable among more than 30 applicants for this place. What we offer is still traditional Slovenian cuisine but at the same time modern.

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