A week before our second beerstival we were unsure: will there be rain or not? Following the very rainy Summer weather we have already drafted emails (well, at least in our minds) to send out to all our visitors about cancelling. However! Just like a miracle the skies have cleared and so we have been able to toast the second beerstival that glorious sunny September 18 2014.

An upgrade from last year when we showcased solely Slovenian craftbreweries and Slovenian snacks were lectures on DIY craftbeer and travelling through Belgium with beer from Jure Vešligaj and Jernej Vre?ar (>>Homebrew lovers association). We cheered with craftbrewers >>Pelicon, >>Human Fish and >>Bevog, nibbled on >>Klobasarna’s delights and learned much from Jure and Jernej. Despite some technical problems (we express our greatest regrets) >>STA travel cafe and us organised a wonderful early fall happening, right there on the terrace above the city, and it was long before the beer had stopped pampering our tastebuds.

Thanks for reading!

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