Where: SEM cafe

What: lemon radler

Peter Zajc knows superfoods are not sold in stores, but in fact lie in front of our doorstep. Cofounder of monthly arts & crafts & produce market Stane?e plac, which he launched June 15 with his partner Metka Gosar, his aim is to bring the organic produce even closer to the people, which he deems urgent. Unsurprisingly, he often grabs some freshly grown lettuce during his lunch break at his garden. For him, it seems, work is just the time between taking care of his urban garden, cooking for his friends and picking herbs. With residence in Šiška and heart in Vi?, he’s got certificates in permaculture planning, wild herbs knowledge and biodynamic farming in his pocket. Forget goji berries, have some stinging nettle.

Why Stane?e plac?

We wanted to inform the residents about local farmers, artisans, crafters, herbalists, wild-type plants gatherers, artists. Nowadays people have gone wild over so called super foods, but we actually have them right at out doorstep. All we need to do is to step out of our building or house and these plants are right there.

Which ones?

Stinging nettle, bear’s garlic, wild hops, ground elder, chickweed, dandelion. These “weeds” are free and suffice for a great meal.

So how does this market look like? What edible items are available?

We’re very grateful to the city for their help and land. We’re offering herbal salts and oils, spreads, breads and pastries, homemade pasta from stone-milled flour, cookies, teas, as well as brandies, syrups, pickled vegetables, herbal vinegars.

Do you make all this yourself?

Mostly, the rest of the ingredients I pick in Ljubljana suburbs or when I hike around river Sora, or at Katarina, or basically anywhere in the countryside. I get a lot of produce also from my relatives in Dolenjska. I feel there is a lack of organic farmers in Ljubljana, most of them are conventional ones. The only way to eat organically for a Ljubljana person, thus, is to have their own organic urban garden.

Beer or wine?

Depends on the season. In the summer hear beer, otherwise wine, most likely whites, dessert ones.

Tea or coffee?

Tea. Herbal, made from the flowers I have picked in the hills or in my garden.

Favourite Ljubljana cafes and restaurants?

Pri Škofu in Krakovo. Their food is truly fresh, with ingredients from Slovenian farms and without artificial flavouring. I really like Bazilika Bistro too.

If you could, who would you like to cook with?

Ana Roš: she’s youthful, her cuisine is fresh, yet simple and with local ingredients.

Thanks for reading!

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