Where: Pritličje

What: Hot chocolate

When Mateja Delakorda and I awarded her in November 2014 at the first conference of food bloggers Yummy stories (Njam zgodbe) as the best blogger of the year, Nataša Djurič could not believe her ears. Geodesy graduate and researcher at the Slovenian science and arts academy who started working on the preparation and baking sourdough as a hobby was discovered. Today her winning blog Zapečenega kruha se največ pojé is taking a little rest, but she isn’t: with blog’s English version My daily sourdough bread she ranked among the finalists of 2015 Saveur blog awards, began making video tutorials, was invited to the workshop in London, and more success could be noted.

Why did you start baking bread from sourdough?

For health reasons. Ordinary yeast caused me problems so I was looking for alternatives. Baking soda, cream of tartar, baking powder and the like seemed ok but still not the real thing, and certainly not aesthetic, to which I give great emphasis. I did not give up and I searched for more, only one day to discover a website with a recipe for domestic yeast. I also ordered just then published book by Chad Robertson Tartine bread which is still seen as the sourdough Bible. The beginnings were miserable. I tried, tried again, again, again and again. Until I finally nailed it.

Now you have a successful blog in English, you’re planning on reviving the Slovenian one, making videos, giving workshops … How do you manage all this in addition to the your full time job?

Actually it is quite difficult – most of it maintaining my social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Blogging takes a good part of my weekends. The baking itself on the other hand is quite easy once you break the mold, and now there’s so much more learning material available than in 2011 when I started. So, heads up and go for it!

Coffee or tea?

Tea. Always.

Beer or wine?

Limoncello. 🙂

Do you cook for yourself?


Where do you buy your ingredients?

I aim to buy flour from farmers from the mills but I am also testing the ones from supermarkets.

Which are the best restaurants and bars in Ljubljana for you?

Many places because I really like Ljubljana, although I am a native Gorenjka I live in Dolenjska. Every time I return from somewhere abroad, I think it’s the bomb. And the diversity of Ljubljana restaurants has really developed lately, especially since I don’t eat a lot of meat so I like more and more vegetarian restaurants in Ljubljana. I love places with sandwiches, brunch, I also very much appreciate interior as I need to feel good. So I often visit places like Bazilika, Organic Garden, Barbarella, Brodo, Šunknžemlja, Ziferblat, Pritličje, Daktari. I’m also very happy for Verace.

What other places to eat and drink in Ljubljana do you miss?

Maybe only some salad bar where you could mix your own salad, as I saw for example in New York. Also, perhaps a few more restaurants with quick bites which are not quite lunch but still good quality and with enough vegetables.

Who would you like to cook with?

In Slovenia I would really like to cook with Ana Šušteršič from the Jezeršek Academy. She is so neat with a lot of ideas. Then there are the younger generation of cooks: Bine Volčič, Jorg Zupan, Luka Košir, Martin Rojnik. Haute cuisine or fine dining is not exactly my style, but I really like their creativity. From abroad I would like to cook together with Ian Lowe who has his sourdough bakery in Tasmania, and also the Spaniard from the younger generation of bakers Yohan Ferrant.

Thanks for reading!

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