Where: Daktari

What: homemade ice tea and masala chai

Do not be confused, the sequence of upper and lower case letters in her name is very intentional: MoJcA OcvirK knows how to handle communications. Freelancer and expert in PR, event and time management she is a one-woman-band agency. She’s living the luxury of turning down a project she doesn’t fall for – like she did eight years ago for Trnfest, quintessential Ljubljana summer festival. She keeps celebrating her 26th birthday, and vigorously takes part in cooking workshops in pretty much all the countries she’s travelled to. Beer and masala chai are her thing.

How do you choose your projects?

Actually, they choose me. In 13 years of my career I have never seeked them. I probably have more work and clients than a typical agency, and I’m only one person. Probably also due to the fact I only work on projects that inspire me.

Just like Trnfest, ultimate August festival in Ljubljana at KUD France Prešeren in Trnovo. This year due to money issues for the last time, apparently, as you question. What would Ljubljana be without Trnfest?

Very lame. In August, the whole crowd migrates to Trnovo. Even Gala hala has appealed at their fans to go visit Trnfest.

But there is Nights and Summer in Old Town, and …

Yeah, true, there’s lots of happening. However, the crowd and the mood is different in KUD, which attracts visitors already as the location itself. No other festival presents such a chilled opportunity to just hang around and mingle.

What’s the due date for Trnfest’s destiny?

We don’t know yet. When KUD’s house will be sold. For now, we retain a positive outlook.

Beer or wine?

Beer! Bernard. I buy it in the store for myself too, and am probably one of the few girls to get a beer case and truly enjoy it.

Coffee or tea?

Chai tea, actually. If I drink coffee, it has to be a decaf. Caffeine gives me a huge kick I can’t handle. Hence, I drink more black tea, especially masala chai.

Favourite Ljubljana cafes and restaurants?

I frequent Daktari, TOZD and of course Trnfest in August. I love to dine in Namaste, Shambala (their garden is a winner!), Bistro Zvezda and Bistro Bazilika, and I really love the ambience and food in Izložba.

Do you cook by yourself?

Yes, a lot and with pleasure. For me I mostly do raw meals, like salads of all kinds with lettuce, avocado, sprouts, and some lentils on the side. For my guests I go full on, I cook and it’s super tasty! I adore Indian food and its coconut and spices based dishes. That’s totally up my alley, as I love simple food with delicate spices. I have my own balcony herb garden.

Where do you shop for groceries?

I buy more or less only organic. Most frequently at the Central market, on Saturdays I swing by BTC market for Rengeo farm’s specialty oils, and I have other mandatory pitstops there too.

Anything you miss in Ljubljana dining scene from abroad?

Fresh Asian groceries. I import them from Netherlands through some friends, haha. Really, I do wish Ljubljana had more Asian food, not in a restaurant setting, but more like in a chill-out hangout with great, fresh, quick noodles on the go – that’s really a challenge here.

Thanks for reading!

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