Where: Dvorni bar

What: Tilia, pinot noir, vintage 2011


It was not bora who blew Ajdovš?ina born Miha Bratina away from his hometown to Ljubljana. Blame the photography high school first, and then architecture studies. Only steps away from achieving masters degree, this Bratina dude displays his photo-design talents also in parallel e-universe: as the creator of culinary blog Bratinov, which already gained him a number of devoted fans, despite blogging only since January 2012. Wine connoseur, Mediterranean and natural light lover, and sushi devotee dislikes tasteless out-of-season groceries, overprocessed food and useless muddle.

Beer or wine?

Depends on the occasion. Coming from Vipava valley wine was, obviously, way more present than beer or was limited to the ultimate red-green Slovenian competition. It wasn’t until a few years ago that we experienced a real beer renaissance: microbreweries, English and Belgian beers started to happen, and so on. At once, a whole new beer universe opened: just like wine, it has its taste, aroma and style palate and it’s not only BBQ or pizza food. I’m also friends with Anita Lozar and Matej Pelicon who are setting up their private brewery in Ajdovš?ina and have even more influenced my beer knowledge.

Favourite wine grapes?

Sometimes the elegance of pinot noir, then Bordeaux character. Depends on the food, ambience and of course company. I tend to like more and more malvasia among whites, which I grow myself too.

Tea or coffee?

Again, depends. Since I am from Primorska region, I definitely savour more coffee – espresso, of course! When it comes to tea, I enjoy a cup of green tea.

Favourite Ljubljana cafe or restaurant?

Hotel Vander would be my latest choice for a special occasion. Sushi lover that I am, I am quite a frequent guest in Sushimama. Other Asian cravings I satisfy in Shambala. As I reside in Prule, I swear by Trta‘s pizza. For a glass of wine I go to Dvorni bar, and for a really great coffee to Cafetino.

Any restaurant that appeals to you architecturally?

Again, Sushimama. A good example of how ambience and food blend into same experience.

Any culinary element from abroad you miss in Ljubljana?

Perhaps being able to savor something completely different around the block, like you can in London or Paris, but that’s borderline overindulgence.

Where do you shop for ingredients?

I advocate local, seasonal, fresh and possibly organic produce. Quite spontaneously I stopped buying in big stores, and rather buy straight from the producers: butchers, hunters, fishermen, etc. The taste is worlds apart. A lot of food and vegetables we grow in our family, too.

What is your blog‘s aim?

From the start, it grew absolutely spontaneously and organically. I have many ideas, but no real set in stone plan for a specific time frame. The main goal is to spread ideas, knowledge and awareness about cuisine, wine and other delicacies available.

If you could, who would you cook with, and who would you cook for?

No straight answer for that question. I would love to cook with many whom I can learn something new from, regardless of whether they are chefs like Heston Blumenthal, Rene Redzepi and Massimo Bottura, or a random Sicilian grandma who has been fixing up the best homemade pasta for decades. As for cooking, I love to do it for anyone who truly cherish great food and enjoy in whatever they have been served.

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