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What: espresso

Photographer Luka Gorjup is currently busy with wedding photography. Which is quite a different thing from what he did before: charity calendar of (almost naked) Ljubljana rugby team players and infrared Ljubljana images. But Luka, postgrad student of graphic and interactive communications, is interested in photography as a whole. And how Clint Eastwood prepares his steak tartare.

Why infrared photography?

We were doing a research paper on it with my colleague Mitja Ilc and I started to get into it. I read all I could about it online, and my faculty actually ordered four books on it which I’ve read in a blink. Then we adjusted a camera so its sensor could capture infrared specter.

And why Ljubljana as a theme?

They say the hardest thing for a photographer is to capture something interesting at home. So I took it as a challenge and tried to explore the familiar Ljubljana in a different fashion. I wanted to discover what’s not seen to the naked eye, which infrared technique definitely enables.

How did the rugby calendar happen?

Junior players of Ljubljana rugby team needed money. Senior team player Peter Gobec and I suggested a way to get it, and that is to do what everyone else does: get naked. 🙂 We created a calendar that reflected team spirit, manhood and pride. It was issued December 1 2011 and sold in almost 800 copies. We donated 1500 euros from the profits to Projekt 47, center for children with Down syndrome. We will definitely repeat this project, as the guys are really willing to help and are sportsmen in a true sense. They gladly accepted their roles as photomodels, even though they were almost freezing posing at -4 degrees. Good will comes with a price. 🙂

Beer or wine?

I’m not a huge drinker, but occasionally I like some dark beer.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. Definitely. Tea if I’m sick.

Anything from abroad you miss in Ljubljana dining scene?

English breakfast. Their baked beans are … omnomnom.

Favourite cafes and restaurants in Ljubljana?

Desserts in Marley & Me, ?evap?i?i and coffee in Das is Valter.

Do you cook by yourself?

I like to prepare my own spelt pizza dough and bake it.

Where do you buy your groceries?

To be honest, in the nearest store.

If you could, who would you like to cook with?

I always wondered how Clint Eastwood makes his steak tartare.

Thanks for reading!

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