2019 is ending and you might be wondering (we surely are): which Ljubljana restaurants (and bars etc) have made an appearance this year? What was new, what changed? Well, lo and behold and search no more, we have found those that have, in our opinion, contributed their fair share to Ljubljana food scene and have spiced things up: from vegan to Vietnamese and some tacos among the way, here’s what’s worth checking out and adding to the list of other best Ljubljana restaurants, bars, pubs etc.


But first, coffee. Or maybe a cocktail. Because Ribarnica (The fishmonger – because its neighbor is the fish market) offers both. What was before (and loved as a stop on our food tours) known as Nisha and is in fact the younger brother of Moderna now attracts the specialty coffee & stronger drinks loving crowd.


Maybe you’re going vegan for the New Year’s but if you were plant-based even before, you’ve probably been to Veganika in Komenskega street, previously known as the place of Prince of Orange. Daily lunches and foremost ridiculously beautiful pies is why you’ll end up there – we won’t judge.

Raw pasta bar

Just opposite of Veganika a long-term abandoned place finally reopened – and it made everybody happy! Because who doesn’t love pasta, especially made fresh? Raw pasta bar offers this and much more, like divine lasagnas and desserts. We won’t tell you more because you might eat our share.


Speaking of raw, there’s lots of raw elements in salad bowls too which now have found their h(e)aven with Bife. We’ve made an interview with its founder, Darja (also known as Bazilika “mom”), when Bife opened – you should reread it and start preparing your favorite salad dressing asap!

Koa bistro & bar

We’ve also interviewed Syed and greeted him with Aloha! because he co-opened Koa, the first Hawaiian bistro in Ljubljana. Their delicious dishes, drinks and compostable packaging will make you go hula hula – or you can start with preparing Syed’s loco moco.


We also encourage you to start preparing some tacos, and you might first find some inspiration at the TacoPolako eatery. But beware: the flavors are anything but ordinary so you’ll jump right to pro level if you try to recreate these amazing creations.

Dobro jutro, Vietnam

Maybe you feel more like Asian food (we definitely do quite often). If so, you were then surely glad to see Maribor’s top Vietnamese restaurant Dobro jutro, Vietnam (Good morning, Vietnam) open also in Ljubljana. Long waiting time might not be the reason to visit but it’s definitely worth the wait once you get served your pho bo!


Going underground has gotten a new meaning when Mandala, Radha Govinda’s sisterly restaurant, opened in Ajdovščina underpass. And it’s vegan to booth – which ads a spice to the “vegan district” with our popular whatever-on-the-menu stop Barbarella just around the corner.

Pop’s pizza & sports bar

Sourdough has also been on the rise in the city and it was just a matter of time when another sourdough pizza place opens – after Trappa, Fetiche and Kucha it was the long-anticipated Pop’s pizza & sports bar. We love the view too – the one of their pizzas or Ljubljana’s castle while sitting in their social table patio.


Continuing with the sourdough trend, Menagerie is now offering probably the most hipster brunch in town: combined with checkerboard floor tiles, blue counter, bright pink mugs, plates with zebras and giraffes, a rocking horse and such you’ll forget you came there for the baked goodies.

Meat & cheese board at Landerik


If you’ve had enough of international foodie endeavors, though, this is good news for you: in the heart of downtown Ljubljana a Slovenian food restaurant opened and turned our gastronomic traditions around. Yes, Landerik will serve you sausages, sea bass, pumpkin seed oil salad or Kaiser schmarn but it will be nothing like your grandma served. Unless she was on Instagram.

Sunday roast at Švicarija


Last but not least, your ultimate Sunday lunch experience now starts at Švicarija. Beef soup, veal roast, roasted potato and apple struedel is just a tiny piece of the new mouthwatering menu which will make you want to hike (a bit) into Tivoli park. And don’t forget to bring your romantic soul – there shall be some live piano music too.

Bonus mentions

  • Slovenia got a new food delivery app Wolt, super competitive to already established Slovenian startup E-hrana
  • 5-6 kg moved to a new location, a few doors down the street in Gornji trg
  • Skuhna added wordly workshops, instructed also by chef Uroš Štefelin from Vila Podvin and Špela Vodovc from Cook eat Slovenia
  • Ljubljana got its first gin festival Brina, and gin & whiskey distillery Broken Bones opened
  • Kucha opened its deli in the covered central market (and already closed in January 2020)

And what’s coming up in 2020? Well, at least we know that Pen klub restaurant will be run by Kaval group and Mojmir Šiftar and its chef. Exciting!

That’s a wrap – unless you think we’ve forgotten something. We all wish you a very merry and foremost yummy 2020!

Thanks for reading!

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