So you’re looking for best places for Ljubljana food & drink and obviously you’re charmed with what the city’s Old Town has to offer – but what about other neighborhoods? Here we present you the best places to eat and drink in Ljubljana that go beyond downtown (where our food tours are a must). Let’s check out Vič district.

Welcome to the Hood (burger)!

Hood burger

Famous already since its establishment in 2013, Hood burger has been bringing people to the hood for a reason: great burgers for a great price. And it’s as close to a food truck as one might hope (it did start from one but it’s been transformed into a proper sit-down container-style eatery since quite a while now). Occasionally they also throw some rockabilly & swing groups concerts and then Vič feels like where it’s at!

Pri Žabarju

Since Ljubljana residents are called the frog people (due to fried frogs’ legs being a popular historical snack), it’s only natural to visit a restaurant named like one – Pri Žabarju, which translates as “at the frog man” (or Ljubljana man, if you like). There’s more to the menu of this traditional Slovenian gostilna, not to mention their notorious patisserie – cafe section on the other side of the building. You might come for the frog curiosity but you’ll stay for much more, like their divine ice cream.


Probably one of the oldest bakeries around, Legiša, situated opposite of Žabar, is an institution for local residents. Seasonal delights, 6am bread, 5pm guilty pleasures – whatever the reason, the inviting scent won’t leave you pass by empty handed.

Art bread

Since sourdough has been a hit in recent years, it’s a decent act that also Vič gets its own sourdough bakery (beside the one downtown, Osem). It’s called Art bread because Risto, main baker, will have you believe that making bread is art. And once you try their fantastic croissants, pumpkin bread or any other masterpieces, you’ll become an art connoisseur too.

Chef Naser and his daily baked goodies at La Ganache

La Ganache

Vič baked goods & desserts selection just got more exciting with recent move of La Ganache from BTC area. Run by one of the best pastry chefs in the country Naser Gashi, it just makes you want to stop there every time you pass by – and that could be either Friday 9pm or Sunday 8am because Naser is always working! Either he has a masterclass going on, preparing freshly baked French pastries for your Saturday morning breakfast, or just developing new ideas.


Since Vič is leaning towards the Italian side of our border, it’s only natural to have an Italian-leaning restaurant here. Enters Azur, a long-time favorite for daily lunches, pizzas and other Italian delights (in Slovenian fashion), especially in their summer garden. Care for some hemp or wholewheat pizza crust? Yup, they got that too.


Let’s call it the fine dining of Vič, even though this is more of a business lunch affair (open 10.30 am – 5pm weekdays). Harfa, meaning harp, will bring music to your ears if you like seasonal, lunch-oriented dishes in a more business-like environment – perfect to close a deal or just get spoiled during working week.


Basically around the corner from Harfa is Ljubljana’s sourdough pizza experience in a diner-looking pizzeria called Trappa. Kid friendly too it will satisfy all pizza-related cravings you might have, including great home-style tapas (we love the seafood ones), (craft)beer and (natural) wine. Oh, and they also have a sisterly nook downtown called Trappica.


If there is any ethnic cuisine to recommend the most in Ljubljana, it is definitely from our ex Yugoslavia brothers: Serbian and Bosnian. Get your Balkan melos on at Čad: predominantly characterized by grilled minced meat in many shapes and flavour there’s lots for vegetarians too – loads of bell peppers, beans and of course their amazing bread.


The Universe is big and the original satellite Sputnik was small, but this restaurant / cafe / event venue Sputnik is not humble at all. Catering for daily lunch visitors who flock the place around noon it attracts quite a large universe of vegan and gluten free lovers too, as well as eager out-goers in the evenings as it regularly hosts concerts and dance events. You can rent their premises too – and why not when … (read the next point)

Broken Bones

Last but no least, Vič also boasts with its own gin (and whiskey too) distillery Broken Bones. They run tours of their establishment which end with some snacks and gin tasting but you can skip right to the last part (let’s be honest) at their shop. Or order the products online – we just love it when the mountain comes to us.

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