For the 12th year, gastronomy industry professionals met between January 31st and February 3rd 2018 at Ljubljana Convention centre for Fairs of tastes – our (very, very) little SIGEP, you can say. Even though our primary business is organising foodie tours and not, say, selling gelato or manufacturing eco-friendly drinking cups, it’s always very interesting to see what’s new in the world that surrounds us every day during ourwork – the world of gastronomy, beverage, coffee, confectionery, bakery, catering, hospitality, ice cream and wine. And this year also beer! See what caught our focus in the photos below.

Gelato gelato everywhere!


With this insight, we can all pretend to be amazing chefs …


Best recycling we’ve seen: Brodka spirit made out of otherwise wasted bread! Made in Slovenia.


We’re sure you’ve spotted – pun intended – these pots from Emo Celje around.


If you are curious what your beer is made from … above you have the answer. Hops! We have quite a few indigenous ones here.


A typical flat bread poga?a with cumin and red wine metliška ?rnina from Bela krajina. Cheers!


Can you believe this is vegan? This meringues are made from chickpeas water – aquafaba – as a substitute for egg whites. Wow!


Lovely weaving ladies from our region Opatje selo.

See you next year at GastExpo, until then … have a one yummy year! And very welcome to join our foodwalks.

Thanks for reading!

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