Where: Bazilika Bistro

What: Detox smoothie

At first she was Erika. Then Felicitados (derived from her last name Felicijan). At last she made a name for herself as Patsy Felice. Ex marketing maven now devotes her life to creating jewelry, art festivals and happiness. Founder of Ljubljana monthly art fair ARTish, she opened its Indian „branch“ ARTish India in Fort Cochin. Her dream is to organise ARTish event on the same day on several continents. She is assured she’s on the right path; currently again in India …

Why Patsy?

Randomly. My friends started calling me like that after the main character in the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. When I started making my own jewelry, I didn’t think twice how to name my brand.

How did ARTish and ARTish India happen?

I wanted to showcase Ljubljana’s artists so I created a monthly fair. It exceeded my expectations, as it now represents almost 300 artist. Last few years when I was on and off in India I came across a lot of artists as well, especially at the recent art biennale in Fort Cochin. An indian photographer was thrilled to find my photos of this event, because according to him I was the only one documenting it and supporting the artists. It broke my heart as there are so many gifted people there who deserve media attention, so I wanted to make a change. Impulsively I created Facebook page ARTish India, and it was a great success as well: I’ve already brought six Slovenian ARTishans’ pieces to Kochi, there were also 15 other local artists involved, we’ve been in the news, filmed … An amazing experience, and we’re planning another such event in October in Mumbai.

So I guess you can say you’re true to your surname – happy?

Oh, yes I am indeed!

What’s your preference, beer or wine?

Wine. Red. Preferably Pulec cabernet sauvignon. Well, it depends on the season as well.

Coffee or tea?

I try my best to drink tea, but I default mostly to coffee.

Best Ljubljana cafes and restaurants?

To be honest, I like it most at my home. Otherwise lunch at Bazilika, beer or Indian tea in Daktari, and I also recommend Izložba and Repete.

Anything on the Ljubljana dining scene you miss from abroad?

More Asian and Indian food with more intense flavours. Once you feel India, you know what it is. Otherwise I love to cook by myself, usually homebaked pizza and Summer salads.

Where do you shop for groceries?

More or less at the farmers market or from my mom’s garden in Cerknica.

Can Ljubljana pride itself as a capital with an urban garden pretty much at every doorstep?

Yes, definitely. If I could, I would have my own garden. Well, I do have it at my new place actually, but as I will be in India now for a while, it will need to wait a while for me to start working on it.

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