Winter weather is here and there is nothing more heartwarming than strolling around Ljubljana Christmas market with your loved one, observing the famous holiday lights and having a good old hot chocolate that you have been dreaming of since last Monday. Right? We know just how frustrating it can be to search for the right one amidst the endless possibilities of jam packed streets of Ljubljana. That is why we did the homework for you so the choice of what hot chocolate to drink this Winter will be a lot easier.

Someone once whispered into our ears about 5 “must visit” places if you are on a quest to find your eternal love. The love for best hot chocolate in town, that is. And we did it for you. Yes, you are right, we visited and tried all five of them on a special hot chocolate tour (we were just taking care of your summer body, you know).

For us, there is no winner. All are worth trying, equally good, each in their own and unique way. You are very welcome to read the humble descriptions of the 5 chocolate queens of winter offer in Ljubljana and decide your favorite for your self. (And NB, in this country, hot chocolate is chocolate that is hot – what is apparently otherwise regarded as hot chocolate is here, in fact, cocoa.)

Kavarna Zvezda

When you think of hot chocolate, this is probably what you have in mind. A proper drink as you remember it from your after school winter hangouts with your best friend. A pudding like texture, served in a big glass with an optional whipped cream aside (but seriously, why optional?!). It is the traditional deal, no extravagant toppings, yet the taste represents what a hot chocolate should be. A warm gooey heaven.

Price: 4 euros for a serving with a whipped cream.


Gelateria Romantika

Better known for their artisan gelato that we are much familiar with from our food tours, Gelateria Romantika definitely made sure to make a turn to their dreamy venue also during winter time (besides, you should eat gelato to cure sore throat). Their hot chocolate is all home made and it also comes in a vegan version for all of the plant based diet lovers. More on the thin but regardless sweet side, it will satisfy the cocoa admirers that are in a search for something more than just a cocoa drink. Served in a big glass and an optional whipped cream or a scoop of homemade gelato of your choice and even espresso! If the beautiful smell of hot waffles won’t lead you here, we are sure your curiosity for the taste of their gelato in a hot chocolate will.


  • 2,5 euros for hot chocolate, 3,4 euros for hot chocolate with espresso
  • 3,00 euros for vegan hot chocolate, 3,9 for vegan hot chocolate with espresso
  • 4,10 euros for hot chocolate with a scoop of gelato
  • + 0,50 eur for whipped cream


Nabrežje 15

One of the more extraordinary versions of hot chocolate is definitely situated in Nabrežje 15. If your taste in something sweet is a level up than most of the people, this venue is the right choice. They serve 3 varieties: with Snickers, with Raffaello, and white chocolate with raspberry puree. And behold, they make the hot chocolate from 22% cocoa and add the whole bars of Snickers and Raffaello praline right into the thick chocolaty mix. They also make the raspberry puree by themselves, made from whole raspberries. Oh yes, mouthwatering we would say. Served in a big glass, this hot chocolate is something you will want to tell to all of your friends about (and not invite them if you don’t want to share … ).

Price: 4,2 euros for a serving.


Slaš?i?arna pri Vodnjaku

Just the right amount of sweet and thick chocolate with added hazelnuts and whipped cream on top, it took us a second to exclaim mmmm yum! The texture here at “patisserie by the well” is very much like pudding and it contains a topping of your choice. Available also in white chocolate and a wide variety of different flavours, everything from spices to liquors and fruits. The choice is all yours. We certainly know what we’re getting for Christmas …

Price: 2,8 euros per serving with whipped cream.


Atelje Dobnik

Situated in the spot of previous cafe Ma?ek, Atelje Dobnik decided to sweeten up Cankar river side for a solid level of the best quality of all kind of sweets and homemade cakes. No wonder we were so excited to try out their hot chocolate. It came in a large white mug, which was kind of disappointing because we couldn’t see the dark brown coloured much loved substance. On the contrary, the taste is not even close to disappointing.  It is very much viscid with ingredients in perfect ratio of not too sweet and not too “puddingy” texture, with the aftertaste of a dark chocolate. After a short consultation with the waiter we got more information on this mug of happiness. They make it from at least 65% of organic cocoa that is constantly mixed on the 80 degrees Celsius and they add dark chocolate nibs right before serving to spice it up a little more. It is worth saying that it is also possible to buy the mixture to make it at home – and yes, we are accepting gifts, thank you.

Price: 3,2 euros per serving with whipped cream.

We did our job, now it is your turn to go and try out for yourself! Leave a comment which one you enjoyed the most – or which ones we should try next!

Thanks for reading!

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