Congratulations, you decided to go on a food tour in Ljubljana! That’s because you already know that food tours are the best things to do in a city as they combine great cuisine, city tour, personalised insights and meeting interesting co-foodies. But just in case you need to justify your decision to those who are still considering it, we’ve listed some reasons why a food tour in Ljubljana (and beyond) is such a fantastic experience.

1. You discover best places to eat and drink.

There’s more and more bars, restaurants, cafes and pubs – but how to know where to go and what to eat and drink in Ljubljana? Food tours are the solution: your guide will take you to places that have legit cuisine with dishes and beverages that locals love and help you discover what is hot, and what is not. We’re all super passionate about gastronomy and will be happy to point you to places we believe are just plain tasty. Additionally, you receive our Ljubljana foodie e-guide as a gift which saves you hours of research on how to experience the city with your tastebuds even after the tour. Together with the food tour you won’t get so many local tips anywhere else!

Where to eat and drink in Ljubljana?
Where to eat and drink in Ljubljana? No worries, you’ll discover that on our food tours.

2. You get a personalised experience.

Food tours are usually a small group affair which gives you an opportunity to get to know others on the tour, including your guide – your new local connection in town. We’ve limited our drop-in food tours to 6 people per group (plus the guide) which means you can always converse with your guide to the max. Moreover, our team is always ready to offer you online assistance in any way you wish. This is the best way to get to know the local culture as both us in the office as well as your guide are the most up to date with current happenings, can answer your questions right away and will give you unique insights. Want to know what we think about EU, how we remember socialism, or why we all cheer for Luka Dončić? No problem, just ask!

Food tours are a great way to discover Ljubljana.
Small groups, big joy – get to know Ljubljana in a unique way on a food tour.

3. You get to see the city in a different way.

Ok, maybe not the whole of Ljubljana but you definitely get to see the Old town – which is rich in history and architecture, but also in shops, bars and just about everything that makes your stay pleasant. And you do it in a friendly pace: because we walk between the venues we visit and taste at, you have enough time to pause, take in the scenery and listen to your guide explain the main sights. We also take you to the not so obvious parts of the city and unique locations – that’s because great restaurants are sometimes hidden in side alleys!

Discovering the city through its cuisine in a small group with personalised guiding – that’s what our guests usually love most about our food tours.

4. You meet other fellow foodies.

Food is meant to be shared so it’s only logical you share it with other foodies like you. Over the dishes and drinks we taste, we talk about local traditions as well as ourselves: why you have decided to travel to Slovenia, how it’s like to live in Ljubljana, what do you do back home etc. Interesting conversations ensue! Quite often our guests have realised they have a similar itinerary around Slovenia and have decided to take up some of the trips together – this is how food brings people from all over the world together. Creating lasting memories has never been easier, and you can stay in touch even after the tour.

Food tours bring together foodies from all over the world.
Good people, good food, good mood! This is what a food tour is all about.

5. You eat and drink like a local.

Last but not least, of course you eat and drink at a food tour! With us, you get to sample (usually very generously) gastronomic highlights from different regions, seasons and times as we like to combine the cuisine of yesterday, today and tomorrow – Slovenian gastronomy is really happening so we don’t want you to miss out on the current affairs as well as traditional food. And since you usually savor foods you haven’t before, who knows, maybe you discover your new favorite dessert or just want to make that traditional Slovenian dish at home to impress your friends (and if you do, we recommend recipes from Špela’s cookbook Cook eat Slovenia).

Thanks for reading!

If you crave some more delicious experiences, come join our food tours! Or buy our super informative, mobile-friendly and helpful foodie e-guide. Also, if you need help with your travel planning to Ljubljana and/or Slovenia, do not hesitate to contact us as we do also offer these services. Cheers from the yummy side of the Alps!