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Ljubljana Essentials

Get to know Ljubljana through our favourite food, wine, craft beer, coffee and desserts spots. A must-do 101 crash course on everything foodie in town.

3,5 hrs
lots of food and drinks

65 eur (w/ drinks)

Craftbeer Extravaganza

Slurp on the best contemporary Slovenian craftbeer in Ljubljana pubs and beer shops. Na zdravje!

2,5 - 3 hrs
6 craftbeer samples & snacks in 3 pubs and beer shops
39 eur / person

GOOD people + GOOD food = GOOD mood!

Foodies, welcome! We know you want to be like us when we travel: eat well, learn about local culture, and meet fellow foodies. That’s why we started with LjubljanaNjam (or LjubljanaYum) foodwalks in 2013 to enable you how to eat and drink like a local, with a local.


Ljubljana (and Slovenia) has so much fabulous cuisine to offer and we want to make sure you experience it like you should – and to fall in love with it, like us. We’ll talk about what it means to live in this fabulous city and country, all the while enjoying traditional as well as signature dishes and drinks. Oh, and talking. Lots of it. We never get tired of conversations about our history, daily life, politics, culture, school system – whatever you wish to know.


We will make your stay here memorable, tasty and craving for more, that’s why our relationship does not end with just a foodwalk. We’ll help you create the best itinerary while enjoying your time on the yummy side of the Alps. Join us for an adventure of good people, good food and good mood, we’d love to share a meal – and our stories – with you!

– Iva, Pia, Nina and our wonderful guides

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People sitting at the table and eating food in Ljubljana


  • Become a temporary local
  • Understand Slovenian eating and drinking culture as well as other aspects of our daily lives
  • Get inspired to explore more
  • Meet other foodies in town and create a shared experience of localhood
  • Go beyond classical flavours – prepare to get amused by signature dishes
  • Support local economy – small, independent, family run gastro places
  • And much more … 😉
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