Ljubljana dinner cooking class

Join us on a culinary journey around Slovenia, share our local cooking philosophy, special ingredients, and family recipes.

Prepare your own multi-course Slovenian dinner and indulge in our company, family recipes and cosy vibe.

Ljubljana dinner cooking class

3-4 hours

Enjoy a meal of traditional and authentic Slovenian dishes with wine, schnapps and liqueur tasting.


Don’t have a Slovenian grandma? No problem, we got you covered. Depending on your group size and Slovenian food preferences, we will team up with various skilled local specialists and organise organise the Slovenian dinner of your childhood dreams for you: a private course for two, team building activities for a company of 50, or celebrating your retirement etc. Whatever the occasion, we will turn it into a memorable, tasty experience.

Regardless of who your Ljubljana cooking class masterchef will be, we will create a multi-course meal following seasonal menus and using fresh ingredients from the local farms or markets. After the course, you will be well equipped with knowledge, memories and good times.

Join us on hands-on culinary workshop led by locals and learn how to impress your friends with preparing authentic and traditional Slovenian dishes.

Spice up your visit in Ljubljana with our hands-on cooking course (and/or dinner), seasoned with lots of fun!

Duration: 3-4 hours

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Min./max. participants: Usually 2/20. If you have a bigger group, let us know to prepare something special for you.

Suitable for children!

Allergic to certain foods? Want to taste more/less? Let us know in advance and we will accommodate your taste and prepare a private course for you.

Price: TBD

Interested? Fabulous! We can’t wait to share our cuisine and stories with you. Tell us your preferences by filling out this form.

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