Potica class

Learn how to make traditional Slovenian sweet roll potica with Jana Štrumbelj - owner of the brand Le Potica

Hands-on workshop on preparing traditional potica from scratch, while debunking myths that potica is difficult to make.

Potica class

2.5-3 hours

Learning first-hand the traditional process of making potica

65 eur per adult per 1 potica, 60 eur per adult per half potica (sutiable for pairs). Discounts for children.

Potica is the pearl of Slovenian culinary heritage and the pride of Slovenian households. To be considered a real Slovenian, they say you have to climb mount Triglav and (if you are a woman) bake potica at least once in your life. The process of making potica includes such specific, ceremonial preparation and requires our grandmother’s careful selection of ingredients so a myth has formed over the centuries that baking potica is very difficult. Almost like climbing Triglav. But is it really?

Janja Štrumbelj, owner of the brand Le Potica and a long term journalism lady turned professional potica baker (hey, does this change of career sound familiar? Read Iva’s story too!) will prove that potica baking can be especially fun as well as instructive. She’ll equip you with traditional preparation knowledge, reveal the secrets of successful baking and help you bake your own potica too, of course.

Duration: 2,5 – 3 hours

Time: weekdays at 9.30 or 15.30. Please let us know your preferred starting time at booking and we’ll do our best to make it happen – once a slot is full, we will open another one.

Location: edge of Ljubljana (Lavrica), public or your own transit required from downtown

Min / max participants: 2-10. If you have a bigger group, let us know to prepare something special for you.

Suitable for children!

Price: 65 eur per adult per 1 potica, 60 eur per adult per half potica (sutiable for pairs). Discounts for children. Includes a whole or half potica, recipes.

Gratuities and tips are highly appreciated. Online prepayment once confirmed.

Interested? Amazing! We can’t wait to share our cuisine and stories with you. Inform us at least one day in advance by filling out this form. We will try to accommodate any last minute inquiries if possible – please Whatsapp or txt us.

Note: At this workshop, we use wheat flour, eggs, nuts and dairy products that could cause potential allergic reactions. Potica without these ingredients is not traditional, therefore we unfortunately cannot modify the workshop to suit guests allergies towards mentioned ingredients.

Oh by the way! Combination of this cooking class and a foodwalk is also an option. Interested? Fill out this form and we’re already planning your next big Slovenian foodie adventure.

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