Cooking Courses

By all means we heart Vietnamese noodle soups and American pancakes, but how much do we really know about cooking like our grandparents? How to make štruklji, teranov to? or potica? To keep the tradition of awesome Slovenian cuisine alive, with a modern twist, we are bringing you great authentic cooking courses for which we have paired with small business like ours – as always in small groups, personalised and customised. Come join us to taste and prepare traditional Slovenian food!

Is your group bigger than 10? No problem, let us organise a private culinary experience for you.

Potica class

Hands-on workshop on preparing traditional potica from scratch, while debunking myths that potica is difficult to make.

2.5-3 hours
Learning first-hand the traditional process of making potica
65 eur per adult per 1 potica, 60 eur per adult per half potica (sutiable for pairs). Discounts for children.

Ljubljana dinner cooking class

Prepare your own multi-course Slovenian dinner and indulge in our company, family recipes and cosy vibe.

3-4 hours
Enjoy a meal of traditional and authentic Slovenian dishes with wine, schnapps and liqueur tasting.