Where: Pri Žabarju

What: ice tea

Would you like to explore Ljubljana with a make up artist, SUP-er, lomographer? Andrej Fodor certainly thinks so. Decently self-critical and self-ironic, this 25-year old problem solver, start-up enthusiast (think CalypsoCrystal) and co-creator of ShowMeAround platform is a big Asian cuisine lover who steers away from tourist crowds. With omnipresent headsets he’s regularly screening Spotify and finding inspiration reading Quora. Doesn’t believe in rigid business plans but rather in open-mindness, self-responsibility and guts.

Where is ShowMeAround going, what will it become?

It gives foreigners and locals as well an opportunity to explore cities and places with unique, genuine activities with locals, which you won’t find in any guidebook or at websites. In the future we’d like to expand our services in broader region.

Beer or wine?

Whiskey! 🙂 I prefer beer, I love to taste new ones, and am happy to learn more and more Ljubljana pubs are expanding their beer list. Five years ago there were only Union and Laško on the menu in 90 % of the pubs, and for the „fancy“ crowd also Heineken. As for wine, I’ve never been a great devotee, however we’re turning tables here and am starting to enjoy them. I guess this comes with age. 🙂

Coffee or tea?

Tea. Green, black, white, sometimes also Alpine – true Slovenian. 🙂 Joke aside, I do enjoy a great cuppa, but the real thing is a cup of green tea – preferably Japanese – in the morning, and I have enough energy for the day. I am generally amused with Japanese tea ceremony.

Do you cook by yourself?

Sadly no, as my lifestyle prevents it. But when I do find time, I love to experiment with Asian dishes. I just made some pad thai last night and spicy Thai soup. For a cook at my level, it was pretty outstanding.

Where do you shop for groceries?

I’m lucky my family cherishes having your own garden, so I get most of my vegetables from my mom’s garden. My aunt owns a farm, so she takes care of the meat supplies, which greatly influences the quality of the meat I eat. If I can, I shop at the local farmer. I remember certain peaches from Neretva valley in Bosnia, so if anyone’s going down there to kite, let me know so I can order a few cases. 🙂

Favourite bars and restaurants in Ljubljana?

Du-Bop bar, tucked between WTC and Austria Trend hotel, is a true jewel where the staff makes me feel like in my living room. In downtown, I like TOZD due to its menu and cozy mood, a real refreshment in the past year. In the high end restaurants, I like Cubo, the best pizzas are in Azur, best salad in Romeo, best delivery Dobra Vila, best furnishing Deset V pol where I feel like in the midst of Baščaršija in Sarajevo. Foreign cuisine I enjoy the most in Namaste.

Anything from abroad you miss in Ljubljana dining scene?

More foreign produce or specialised shops. I’d be intrigued by cooking workshops with famous Slovenian chefs or foreign cuisine chefs. I’d also like to see some pop-up restaurants: pick a spot in the city where every 14 days a new type of restaurant emerges. This will help to build the restaurants’ recognition and enable many to try their food and eventually help them grow.

If you could, who’d you like to cook with?

Ana Roš. I love her work and I support her efforts with Hiša Franko. Great stuff for Slovenia.