Monthly Archives: February 2018

Carnival 2019 alert: go nuts for donuts!

Nowadays you can have this traditional Slovenian pastry all year round, but traditionally, these succulent, so unhealthy but so so good deep fried balls would be available only around carnival time – and we swear they still taste the best in season!  And because it’s 2019, there’s many more flavours and tastes now than in […]

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Gast Expo 2018: when a foodie blends with industry trends

For the 12th year, gastronomy industry professionals met between January 31st and February 3rd 2018 at Ljubljana Convention centre for Fairs of tastes – our (very, very) little SIGEP, you can say. Even though our primary business is organising foodie tours and not, say, selling gelato or manufacturing eco-friendly drinking cups, it’s always very interesting […]

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