Monthly Archives: March 2017

The best in Slovenia is Hiša Franko!

Ljubljana, 21. 3. 2017 – Finally we have it: the best restaurant in Slovenia in 2017 according to the expert committee of the project The Slovenia Restaurant awards among 30 finalists is – surprisingly? – Hiša Franko! This was announced today after a few months of voting. Other best regional restaurants selected by general public and ultimate […]

NEW: Črno zrno coffee shop

Ljubljana, 12. 3. 2017 – Because specialty coffee is a must at my foodwalks, I was eager to get to know the new coffee man in Ljubljana, Alex Niño Ruiz from Črno zrno (Black bean – but you have to admit it sounds more awesome in Slovenian). First mentioned in my Instagram feed November 3rd […]

Say L for Local & Luxury at Herbal glamping resort restaurant

Ljubno pri Savinji, 7. 3. 2017 – Ever heard of one of the best restaurants in Ljubljana (and certainly one of the best in Slovenia too) JB? Well, now you can taste food delicacies also from JB’s chef Janez Bratovž’s son Tomaž – at the Herbal glamping resort in Ljubno pri Savinji where Tomaž is […]

NEW: Moji štruklji eatery

Ljubljana, 1. 3. 2017 – No traditional Slovenian food list is complete without štruklji – rolled pastry with various fillings, wrapped, cooked and sliced. It is thus no wonder that a new štruklji-only eatery (štrukljarnica) Moji štruklji (My štruklji) is opening today at the main farmers market. And the couple behind this cool new place […]