Monthly Archives: March 2017

The best in Slovenia is Hiša Franko!

Ljubljana, 21. 3. 2017 – Finally we have it: the best restaurant in Slovenia in 2017 according to the expert committee of the project The Slovenia Restaurant awards among 30 finalists is – surprisingly? – Hiša Franko! This was announced today after a few months of voting. Other best regional restaurants selected by general public and ultimate […]

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NEW: Črno zrno coffee shop

Ljubljana, 12. 3. 2017 – Because specialty coffee is a must at our food tours, I was eager to get to know the new coffee man in Ljubljana, Alex Niño Ruiz from Črno zrno (Black bean – but you have to admit it sounds more awesome in Slovenian). First mentioned in my Instagram feed November […]

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NEW: Moji štruklji eatery

Ljubljana, 1. 3. 2017 – No traditional Slovenian food list is complete without štruklji – rolled pastry with various fillings, wrapped, cooked and sliced. It is thus no wonder that a new štruklji-only eatery (štrukljarnica) Moji štruklji (My štruklji) is opening today at the main farmers market. And the couple behind this cool new place […]

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