Monthly Archives: February 2017

Nataša Djurič

When Mateja Delakorda and I awarded her in November 2014 at the first conference of culinary bloggers Yummy stories (Njam zgodbe) as the best blogger of the year, Nataša Djuri? could not believe her ears. Today the sourdough bread blogger ranked among the finalists of 2015 Saveur blog awards, began making video tutorials, was invited to the workshop in London, and more success could be noted.

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What are the most romantic foods for some Ljubljana chefs?

Ljubljana, 13. 2. 2017 – Although the weather in Ljubljana is not exactly warm these days, your hearts can be: Valentine’s day is just around the corner. And so is gregorjevo on March 12th – you might translate it as George’s day (named after the day of St. George) or “the day of birds’ marriage”, and […]

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1. STOW coffee festival

Ljubljana, 1. 2. 2017 – Because Ljubljana coffee in recents year is not limited anymore to just espresso, it was bound to happen: welcome to 1st STOW coffee festival in the city. It takes place between the first and fourth of February at the Gospodarsko razstavišče (Ljubljana Convention centre) within GAST Expo Fairs of Tastes, and finishes Sunday […]

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