Monthly Archives: September 2013

Marko Brumen

His Twitter name multikultivator is spot on: Marko Brumen is an economist, marketing guru and cultural manager, but mostly he just makes sure people find themselves at the right time with the right equipment at the right … stage. Štajerska man in Ljubljana, who never drinks beer after wine, has the desire to feel holy from time to time, and wants to cook with Grizzly Adams.

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Peter Zajc

Peter Zajc knows superfoods are not sold in stores, but in fact lie in front of our doorstep. Cofounder of Stane?e plac market, his aim is to bring the organic produce even closer to the people, which he deems urgent. Unsurprisingly, he often grabs some freshly grown lettuce during his lunch break at his garden.

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Nika van Berkel

This week, Trubar street will resume being rad – Trubar green market is back on track. The girl responsible for it, among others, is Nika van Berkel. Almost done with architecture school, she is ueber busy with passing exams and working for prostoRož team. She loves wheat beer and … Dutchmen.

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