Monthly Archives: August 2013

Luka Gorjup

Photographer Luka Gorjup is currently busy with wedding photography. Which is quite a different thing from what he did before: charity calendar of (almost naked) Ljubljana rugby team players and infrared Ljubljana images. Loves čevapčiči at Das ist Valter and his own spelt pizza, and still wonders how Clint Eastwood prepares his steak tartare.

Darja Fišer

Darja Fišer is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Translation at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, and a passionate gardener who has launched the Zelemenjava project: a gathering of all those with just too much seasonal produce. She loves lemon verbena and purple shiso, has little respect for fussy celebrity chefs, and Jakončič’s Carolina is like perfume to her.

Andrej Fodor

At 25, Andrej Fodor is a problem solver, start-up enthusiast (think CalypsoCrystal) and co-creator of ShowMeAround platform. Also a big Asian cuisine lover who steers away from tourist crowds. Amused with Japanese tea ceremony he’d love to see more pop up restaurants in Ljubljana.

MoJcA OcvirK

The sequence of upper and lower case letters in her name are purely intentional: MoJcA OcvirK knows how to handle communications. Freelancer and expert in PR, event and time management she is a one-woman-band agency – think Trnfest. Beer and masala chai are her thing.