Monthly Archives: July 2013

Amrita Roy Choudhury

Some Slovenes don’t eat gelato; some Indians, like Amrita Roy Choudhury, don’t drink tea. She also doesn’t know what the word curry entails, as this Western-world beloved term is not used in her language. But she sure does speak the language of love: to a Slovenian, and to her cookblog Taste buds.

Erika Felicijan – Patsy Felice

At first she was Erika. Then Felicitados (derived from her last name Felicijan). At last she made a name for herself as Patsy Felice. Ex marketing maven now devotes her life to creating jewelry, art festivals and happiness. She is assured she’s on the right path; currently again in India …

Miha Bratina

It was not bora who blew Ajdovščina born Miha Bratina away from his hometown to Ljubljana. Blame the photography high school first, and then architecture studies. Wine connoseur, Mediterranean and natural light lover, and sushi devotee dislikes tasteless out-of-season groceries, overprocessed food and useless muddle. As the creator of culinary blog Bratinov, he has already gained a number of fans, despite blogging only since January 2012 …

Rebecca Ehalt Svetina

Classics: five years ago, she came for schooling, and stayed for love. Rebecca Ehalt from Pittsburgh, USA, found job, apartment and husband-to-be in Slovenia: living in Ljubljana, working as a foreign English teacher at Domžale high school, and doing creative work with her hubby at Hungy Dog Design studio in Bled. Of course by now she knows how to bake potica. And goodie bags from US are a must.